Based on Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games trilogy comes a RPG.
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 Lacey "Lace" Marie

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Lacey Marie

Lacey Marie

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Name: Lacey "Lace" Marie

Age: 16

District: Four
History: Lacey grew up living by the water. Her home was near it, and she visited almost everyday. The only reason was, was because her father was a fisherman. She loved to watch the men, and boys fish. It amazed Lacey how they could catch fish with such skill. Lace never was any good at fishing, but she swam a lot. It was one of her pastimes. Her mother made clothing out of material for the people in town. Her mother, was a brilliant seamstress, and loved her job. That's how Lacey got her name, because even though she barely had it, her mother's favorite material was lace. But her family was never rich. Sure, Lacey was fed well, but she never looked her best. Her family had no extra money for anything, and the clothes her mother made were for selling only. Or else they would be less lucky then they are.

Appearance: Lacey has fire red hair. It was more brownish towards the top, but as you get to the bottom, it's red. Her eyes are quite large, and chocolate brown. Lacey's eyelashes are long, and thick, and have a natural curl to them. She stands at about 5'5, and weighs around 100lbs. Her figure is slim, and she is skinny. Lacey has a bit of muscle, from all of the swimming, but not much. Lacey's cheeks, are a permanent shade of light red.

Personality: Lace isn't the nicest girl in the world. She only talks to people who she considers "good enough". Lacey is nice, once you get to know her, but she doesn't make friends easily. Mostly, she is full of sass, and anger. Lacey does laugh a lot, whether at you, or at a joke. Her laugh is like little bells, chiming. Lacey blushes a lot, though, the only way you can tell when she's embarrassed is when she blushes. Lace is a bit insecure, and she doesn't know what for. She just is.

Sample RP: Drew accidently hit a.. Professor? She was sure the lady was. Drew racked her brain for the name, Professor Granger. Yes that's it! Drew blushed in her stupidity of not looking of where she was going, again. "It's alright Professor, I wasn't watching where I was going."

Drew grinned, surprised Professor Granger knew her name. She thought it would be awhile before teachers took notice of her. Well, at least her teacher didn't sound mad or angry. "Thank you! My mum named me after my grandma." Drew said, happily.

Drew sighed, quite glad about how she wasn't in trouble. That means this Professor wasn't mean, or strict. It was a relief knowing she hasn't made an enemy of a teacher. Drew remembered about how Professor mentioned her class. She was glad she was paying attention earlier, to know that Professor Granger taught charms. But, Drew didn't remember looking at her schedule yet. "In truth I haven't looked at my schedule, yet, Professor."
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Lacey "Lace" Marie
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