Based on Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games trilogy comes a RPG.
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 Blush wants to be- Cato

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Blush Rito

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Blush wants to be- Cato Empty
PostSubject: Blush wants to be- Cato   Blush wants to be- Cato EmptyWed Jun 27, 2012 11:21 pm

Sample RP:Okay first she was covered in dirt then the dirty rat but 5 lipsticks in her lap. Now she wasn't bored she was pissed. Roisin stood up the lipstick and dirt falling to the ground. Her normally bright brown eyes became dark and she furrowed her eye brows. "May you melt off the earth like snow off the ditch." Roisin yelled an old Irish curse. It didn't seem to do the job so she thought of another one "MAY YOUR TEETH ROT LIKE POTTATOES AND YOUR HEART SPOIL LIKE CABBAGE" she screamed and she took off her shoes her navy pumps left in the dirt as she began to run one foot after the other her perfect hair crumbling in the wind. The tight skirt she was wearing wasn’t working for her she stopped momentarily to rip up the side. As far as Roisin was concerned clothing was expendable and replaceable. She keep running barefoot she was deciding whether to kill the girl or not.

Roisin was a very angry person and quite dark on the inside hidden by her lovely face. For once she felt alive and she wasn’t sleeping with anyone Maybe I like being dark she thought to herself and a slightly evil smile took over her face as she ran the girl ahead of her was getting closer. Letting her body focus on running she let her mind wonder. How would I kill her? She asked herself. Well if I really was to kill her I would stab her in the heart. She smiled at the thought. She felt the inside of her thigh her trusty dagger sat in a strap that she had hooked around her leg and pulled it up high.

Roisin thought about her dagger glistening with fresh blood and smiled. She may seem like a girly girly but she isn't. A tree branch hitting her face brought her back to reality. She was very close to the forest she had to stop to see where the girl had gone. Dammit I lost her Roisin though mentally scolding herself she looked around for the slightest sign of movement she saw none but kept silent “come out come out where ever you are”

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Blush wants to be- Cato
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