Based on Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games trilogy comes a RPG.
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Carbon Marcus

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PostSubject: Carbonated   Carbonated EmptyFri Apr 06, 2012 8:13 pm

Okies. This is Carbon's past..ish. Each chapter will be about 300 words long. All chapters are edited onto this post. Feel free to comment!

Chapter One
Meeting Jenavae

First day of school. Carbon was afraid, he was a little five year-old dressed in the nicest clothes he had, a light blue shirt and nice jeans. He stood in a corner, watching other kids walk around.
"Remember what mommy said. Be brave."

Carbon watched kids some more. But someone caught his eye. A little girl with blond hair and blue eyes, like he did, only her hair was white blond and his blue eyes were a bit more brighter. He was transfixed by this girl. He watched her for a while. She was talking to another girl, laughing and smiling. Carbon decided to talk to the girl. He puffed out his chest and walked over to the her.
"H-hi. I'm Carbon Marcus."
"Hi. I'm Jenavae Morrigan. Nice to meet you." both of the girls giggled. Carbon shifted uncomfortably.

Then bell rang and everyone ran into two lines. Carbon ended up behind a boy that was a bit bigger than most five year-olds (Who ends up being one of the Peacekeepers that beat him up). Jenavae was in the other line.

Carbon sat right next to Jenavae's freind in class. Jenavae was sitting at another table at the other side of the room.

After school Carbon went to fish with his father. Carbon used his spear while his father used a trident. Carbon preferred his spear. It was lighter and longer and he felt braver with it than the trident he had.
"What's on your mind, Carbon?"
"I..met a girl.

Carbon told his father all about Jena. He explained how he really liked her and wanted to get to know her. He just finished talking when he heard his name being called.

Carbon grinned and looked to his father, who nodded. He ran after Jena and spent the day with Jena swimming in the sea and looking for shells. Carbon gave Jena a sand dollar and Jena gave him a little piece of wood and they carved a design on it together. When Carbon got home he found some string and made a necklace. He never took it off. He wore it every single day, even after Jena left Four. Even during his Games.
He wore this little piece of wood every minute of everyday. He never forgot that moment. Never.

Chapter Two
Saying Goodbye
Two years later.
Carbon didn't know what had happened. He just heard Jena's parents died. And that she was leaving.
He fiddled with his necklace as he walked to Jena, trying to hold back the tears. He lost her.
"Remember when you gave me this piece of wood?"
"And when you showed me you made a necklace out of it I told you that I did a horrible job of carving."
They laughed quietly. Carbon hugged Jena.
"No touching." she said, repeating the one rule she had, she wasn't pulling away though.
"Oh shush." Carbon said smiling "I'm gonna miss you, Jena. You have that sand dollar I gave you the first time we went to the beach together?" Jena showed him the sand dollar. Carbon smiled and let go of her. Someone called that Jena had to go now.
Jena looked into Carbon's eyes "I'll never forget you, Carbon."
Jena smiled and left. When he was sure she was gone he ran to the beach. The same beach they went to two years ago. It was their beach. It was a small one right behind his house. No one else came to it but him, his father, his mom, and Jena. He sat down at the edge of the shore and cried. Jena was gone. There was no way to get her back. He looked at the necklace that Jena helped carve.
"Jena. Why did you have to leave me? I! I love you! But you don't know that..And you'll never know!" He cried some more. He sat there until late at night. His parents understood and left him alone. He ended up sleeping at the beach in a hammock that he and she-who-must-not-be-named made last summer. He spent the next day at school spacing out, then going back to the beach after school. He repeated this cycle for years. Then he got over it. He was seventeen now. He got a girlfriend, Emilia. He still wore the necklace. He still remembered Jena.
"Where did you get that necklace?" Emilia asked one day
"My mom." Carbon said simply

Chapter Three
The Reaping

A Quell. A stupid Quell. Carbon heard Snow's voice in his head. 'To show the Rebels that the Capitol is dominante, and we will not fall, The phrase 'If we burn, you burn with us' will have totally been reinvented. If we burn, you burn with us. Adults ages twenty to thirty will compete.'
What if Jena was chosen? Forget Emilia, he loved Jena. He didn't care about himself. He just wanted Jena to be safe. Jena. Safe.
He didn't listen to the girls. But he focused on the boys. He listened for the name.
What's the name?
She rummages around.
What's the name?
She picks a paper.
What's the name?
She opens it.
What's the name?
It's Carbon Marcus.

Chapter Four
The Games

Carbon was shaking. He had to kill. He wanted to live. He already turned down the Careers. He was freaking out. At least Jena wasn't in the Arena.
But this was totally different! Adults killing! Not little kids! Carbon banged his head on the wall.

Jena's Reaction: Part I
By Jenavae Morrigan

There she sat, in her own little house in District Two, alone. She would have had company, just like the last two years, but her company was on her way to the Capitol.

The Reaping in Two had happened a few days ago, and her best friend Maygen Todd had been Reaped. All of the Reapings in every District, and they were finally being televised. She barely listened to One, and cried at Two, got over it during Three, then nearly had a heart-attack during Four. The girl's name sounded vaguely familiar. As for the guy's name...well...she nearly choked on the glass of water that she was drinking. "DANG IT, CARBON!" she shouted at the television, and started crying again. Literally, her two best friends were in the same Games--more importantly the same Quell. Twenty-four Tributes. Her two best friends. One winner.

Jena decided from that moment, that she was sick and tired of the Games. As she watched the Games, she watched, intently, on Carbon and Maygen, sending things, help when needed--hoping one of them would win, and it wouldn't come down to the two of them.

It was day...what? 12? Carbon has gotten a water bottle so far. He only got a spear at the Bloodbath so no water. Or water bottles. So far three kills, 10 mutts, and one crazie who had a knife to his chest. He fell off a cliff.
Carbon was scared out of his mind.
He was running from the Careers when he ran into the girl from two. She motioned for him to go and Carbon kept running. He was a bit confused but it faded after a while.
"Lost them."
He made camp and looked at the sky. 4 deaths. Crazy killers today. He was at the far side of the Arena and he hasn't seen anyone so he decided to sleep. He closed his eyes and had dreams of Jena. He found her again. The whole dream was her talking but he didn't care.

When Carbon woke up he seemed to be fine. He smiled and got up to go get some food when some guy ran up to him in some rabid craze.
He swiftly picked up his spear and killed him.
"Crazie" he said as he pushed the guy away "Why am I a Crazie magnet?"
Carbon decided to leave camp, making it look like he just left to hunt, but he wasn't coming back. He always moved camp when someone attacked him. He gathered some of his stuff, he would come back later for it if no one stole it.

He found a little tree that he could probably climb. He climbed it and sat for a while. Thinking about Jena. Was she cheering him on? Or was she cheering on the Careers from Two? Was she hoping for him to die? The nerves were getting to him. He had been thinking like this since hour one of day one. He jumped off the tree, not realizing the Careers were there until the last moment. He gripped his spear and ran as fast as he could, the Careers running and yelling behind him. He tripped and fell on his face.
'Well. I'm dead now.'

Carbonated JenaandCarbon
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Jenavae Morrigan

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PostSubject: Re: Carbonated   Carbonated EmptyFri Apr 06, 2012 10:22 pm

that is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh...btw...just to make it official, you can OFFICIALLY use Jena XDDDD

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Carbon Marcus

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PostSubject: Re: Carbonated   Carbonated EmptyFri Apr 06, 2012 10:25 pm

Psh..I need no permission XDDD Joking. Thank you!

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Carbon talks in #068481
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