Based on Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games trilogy comes a RPG.
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 Jenavae Morrigan

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Jenavae Morrigan

Jenavae Morrigan

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Name: Jenavae Light Morrigan (Mawr-ih (the I sound in "it")-gen (the 'gen' sound in "again"))

Age: 23; September 12th

District: 2
History: Jenavae was born and raised in District Four to two loving parents (Nora and Jason Morrigan). She grew up a healthly, happy child, but everything changed on her seventh birthday. On her seventh birthday, her parents were shot and killed by Peacekeepers.

Reluctantly, she was moved to District Two, just before her third year of school, in Four. Jena never forgot District Four, and her accent stayed the same, only because she always fought for it. She was sent to live in the care of the people who killed her parents, Sara and Trey Aragon--though she didn't realize this information until one day her class was studdying their ancestry in the library which the Peacekeepers have documentations of nearly everything of importance. Instantaneously after reading the Morrigan file, Jena absolutely hated Sara and Trey.

At age eighteen, Jena greatfully moved out of the Aragon's and into her own home, with her best friend Michaela Olson, sister of Vladimir Olson. They lived there, while working common jobs in District Two for the next two years. When Jenavae turned twenty, the Reaping of District Two occured on her birthday. It was a Quell reaping, so there was just a little bit of a difference in it that year. That year, the Quell was that anyone could be chosen, and there were no Volunteers. Michaela was chosen. That same year, Carbon was chosen. From that day on, Jena vowed that if there were any way to get back at the Capitol, she would be there to do so. The last rebellion began in the destruction of District Twelve, and ended with almost all of the Victors being killed. There were three Victors in existance since then: Annie Odair (Cresta), the girl who won the year before, and Carbon Marcus.

The next year, there was an offer to care for a thirteen-year-old girl in District Four, and Jena jumped right on the offer. She was the most qualified for the job, as she had previously lived there, and she had the same experience as the girl, without the murder. She was accepted into the job, and moved back to Four within the week. Since then, she had been living in District Four taking care of Lucy, and doing some Peacekeeping when needed, but not as often as the regular Peacekeepers.

Appearance: Jenavae has long blonde hair, which tumbles down in thick waves down her back, that usually finds itself in a pony tail. She is a rather small girl, standing at 5'2''. Jena has tan skin, a majority of the year, due to the constant factor of being outside. She has dark brown eyes, and a kind, warm smile. Jena's wardrobe changes from season to season, during the summer, she usually finds herself wearing a tank-top of some sort, shorts, and flip-flops. During the winter, she often has a sweater, and jeans--while not on duty as a Peacekeeper, or going undercover.

Personality: Jena is, without a doubt, one hundred percent herself. she has many quirks, and pet peeves. She can get very jealous if seeing fit. She is a good actress, as she is often needed to be, because of her occupation. Truly, she is a very emotional, and humorous person, but being a Peacekeeper, she needs to be able to have the perfect pokerface. She loves to read in her spare time, and hang out with some of her friends.

As a Peacekeeper, Jena is very strict, and rock-hard. She can't be bothered to even show a taper of emotion. As a person residing in District Four, she is a social-butterfly, and hardly serious at all.

Sample RP: (this can be from a different site)
Nothing was ever as it seemed--especially at Camp Half-Blood. It was a beautiful Friday morning when Kellan had been woken up by completely unnecessary shrills of screams and laughter at about eight in the morning. Kellan had woke up with a feeling, she wasn't quite sure what it was, just that something was going to happen--though it could have easily been that sense of unease when one gets while being woken up by screams.

She got up, reluctantly, and switched out of her pajamas into a pair of jeans, Converse shoes, and her bright orange Camp Half-Blood shirt. Kellan stormed out of the loud, obnoxious, over-crowded Hermes Cabin, trying not to step on anyone on her way out. The quiet Irish girl really hated it there--she wished that she could go live with Liam and his new wife, but she missed the time when people were going to go back to Manhattan for the rest of the semester...also where they live. Plus she knew ti would be rude to just barge in on Liam and Mrs. Mila.

As the red-head stormed out of the cabin, she knew that she needed to go for a walk, just to be alone (or as alone as one could ever be at Camp). One spot came to her mind where she could achieve the alone-time that she wanted the woods. Despite being warned many times not to go to the woods alone, she really didn't care at the moment. Kellan had gone straight there, into the monster-infested woods with nothing but a dagger to protect her.

Despite the dangers, Kellan just kept walking. Her hair had been tied up, but her teal (which was fading by this point) was bouncing around in her face, as the wind was blowing it out from tucked behind her ear.

Kellan passed through many clearings, but each time she stopped, she could still hear the sound of demigods screaming, talking, or laughing. When she heard something, just barely at times, she would move. Finally, Kellan just gave up at some clearing, went up to a tree, and slid down into a sitting position with her legs perpendicular to her torso. There was barely any sounds of Camp here, but everyone in a while she heard a clashing of swords, sword and shield, or what ever. Sh looked around trying not to let her ADHD get the best of her. Her foot started twitching from the lack or something to do. Finally, after glaring at her foot four a few seconds, Kellan sighed at got up. "Stupid ADHD..." Kell muttered to herself as her big, grey eyes were glancing back and forth at things on the ground. They eventually found their way back up from the ground below as she caught a glimpse of something from the corner of her eye. In the woods, no one should ever be caught off guard. "'Ello?" she called, her accent was as thick as it was when she and Liam left Ireland. As she spoke, her right hand slowly found it's way to her dagger as she prepared herself for potential battle with a monster.

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