Based on Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games trilogy comes a RPG.
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 .:Rules, Regulations, and Explanations:.

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.:Rules, Regulations, and Explanations:. Empty
PostSubject: .:Rules, Regulations, and Explanations:.   .:Rules, Regulations, and Explanations:. EmptyFri Mar 23, 2012 10:21 pm


.: The Cottage is always teleported to the opposite side of the most populated area of the Arena.

.: It has a fireplace, and heat.

.: It can protect up to two Tributes in white-outs, depending on the time.

.: During the Bad person storms/blizzards, there is an odoriferous (smelling), and slightly visible (in a very faint haze), toxic gas that burns the windpipe after five to ten minutes of being exposed to it. The only factor in time is exposure to the gas through heart rate.

.: The gas starts at 12:10 in the afternoon everyday.

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.:Rules, Regulations, and Explanations:.
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