Based on Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games trilogy comes a RPG.
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Name: Nicolette Olson

Age: 16

District: 1
History: Nikki has a twin brother named Vlad. All she knows (for now) is that she lives in District 1, her mother died from some sickness, and she doesn't belong in District one.
Nikki, when forced to train for the Hunger Games, she can't refuse but she absolutely hates it. She has a way with darts (blown or thrown), she can get close or on to target. She also likes using knives, not for throwing, for slashing and things of that nature. Even if she's what the trainer calls 'a dart ninja', she hates the Hunger Games. She thinks the Hunger Games is more like a death sentace.

On a lighter note, at home she learned that she was well...a daddy's girl. She loves her father, who is a top something or other (Nikki doesn't really know.). Her father taught her it was OK to be different. (She is overly happy at times, has ADHD, she loves being happy..yeah) Her dad helps her with training, helps her act like a 'lady', and keeps her from speaking mind about the Capital.

Appearance: Nikki is a pretty, district 1 looking girl. She has dark hair, and brown eyes. She is rather thin and tall. She likes wearing simply a tee and jeans, though she wears dresses a lot for parties. She has tanish skin and and beautiful smile.

Personality: Nikki is beautiful inside and out. She loves everyone (except Capitol people) and people think it's not normal. People say she's crazy but she's not. She's just happy. According to her 'Happiness creates the illusion of craziness when love is gone from the world'. But deep inside, she just She wants a boy to say she's beautiful and give her a kiss when she's sad. Katniss and Peeta made her want it more. But sadly boys keep away from her to keep a good rep. No boy wants to go out with a overly happy girl, no matter how pretty.

Sample RP: (this can be from a different site) "KATNISS!"

It was done. Rue was in a net. There was a guy with a spear. She was going to die.


She heard the mockingjays pass on the four note song she sung before she got caught. Katniss was coming. But she'd be too late. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, she heard footsteps and a scream. Katniss.

"K-Katniss? H-help me."

Rue heard the boy start to run, Katniss's scream, and the boy grunt. Rue braced herself. She saw the spear tip and felt it piercing her belly, in a moment she'd be dead. But then, something strange happened. Time stopped. The boy, Katniss, and Rue herself was frozen to the spot. The spear dropped. Rue wasn't dead. A hovercraft came. Rue felt herself going upwards. She saw Katniss. But not the boy. He was now unfrozen staring at her. Rue blacked out

When Rue woke up, Katniss was looking at her. They a cage.

"Rue! Your awake!"
"Yeah, what's happening?"
"President Bad person captured everyone 'on my side'. Our family is in a different cell. We are captives."

Rue's eyes widened. She got up then fell over on a man she never saw before. Haymitch most likely, Katniss told her all about him.

Haymitch grunted.

Rue was going to be here for a long time.
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